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The Road to Nowhere
Images from Rural North Dakota

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Road to Nowhere – Artist’s Statement

One conception of North Dakota is that it is the “middle of nowhere”.  To the passerby or the casual observer, the landscape here may be perceived as a featureless expanse, a stark place where the sky meets the earth in an unbroken monotony.  

However, to anyone who has become familiar with the prairie, has lived through the seasons and stood within its oceanic spaces, it’s revealed as a place of nuanced beauty and grandeur.  While it may be stark, the landscape is also a magnificent stage where light, weather, and the seasons all play out in dramatic fashion.

The images from this collection were all taken within rural North Dakota over the last few years.  They are the result of thousands of miles of exploration across the county highways, dirt roads, and backways of the state.  As my process, I have simply gone where the light and the roads lead me, open to whatever emerges on the horizon.  Collectively, this selection of images can be considered a meditation on “nowhere”, and I’ve hoped to capture its austerity as well as its majesty.

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The Collection

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